Common sense answers to relevant regulations and matters concerning replica watch warranty

Replica watches are expensive and durable consumer goods, and they are also relatively complex and precise. Some quality problems will not be discovered immediately after purchase. Therefore, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the state clearly stipulates that the sellers, repairers, and producers of watch products must bear the responsibilities and obligations of repair, replacement, and return of after-sale watches (referred to as "three guarantees"). The specific matters are as follows Technician Aimansha will give you a question and answer.

(1)Q: How long is the warranty period of the replica watch?

Answer: It is now stipulated as one year (from the date of purchase). Only watches made in Switzerland implement the warranty period recommended by the European Union. The warranty period is two years. The warranty period of the watch after repair is six months. At present, only Omega replica watches are guaranteed for one year after repair. Maybe some manufacturers have promised to extend the warranty period by themselves, then they can follow their regulations.

(2) Q: What are the rules regarding the time for return and exchange of replica watches?

Answer: If you find that there are quality problems after purchasing the watch, you can ask the seller to return or exchange the goods according to the relevant "Three Guarantees" regulations. However, there is a saying of "7 days" and "15 days". Those within "7 days" can be refunded; those within 7-15 days can only be exchanged or repaired; and those beyond 15 days, you can only Can choose maintenance. Therefore, the 7-day period after buying the watch is very important, and this time should be fully utilized. Do a careful inspection of your fake watches (including accuracy, functions, etc.), and don't be reluctant to wear it. Instead, it should be familiar and operated repeatedly in accordance with the instructions so that hidden quality problems can be discovered in time. You should know that "there is no store after passing this village", none of the merchants is willing to be returned. If the merchant is retrieved due to watch quality problems within 7 or 15 days, the relevant rights and interests will not become invalid due to the delay in solving the problem.